Khary Sharpe is a Software Architect, Software Developer and Entrepreneur and describes himself as a Devtrepreneur.

Khary is the Founder and CEO of Bakari Digital Ltd, a mobile and web applicationĀ  software manufacturing company based in Jamaica.

Khary is also the Company Secretary and one of the founding members of the Jamaica Information and Communication Technology Association (JICTA) an initiative of the National Export Strategy and Vision 2030 of the Government of Jamaica to establish a single body to represent the ICT cluster.

Khary is a Wolmerian and a University of Technology Alumni. He has has over 15 years of experience in Information Technology. He has designed, developed and implemented hardware and software solutions for online banking, interactive voice response systems, SMS services, Content Management and various mobile, web applications for the Financial and Telecommunications industry.

Khary is passionate about Information Technology and its use in heralding Jamaica forward into the Digital Information Age and strongly believes in Keeping IT Simple.